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Description Information


The purpose of this contract is to preserve and protect sensitive and proprietary information of CAAPS.  This include organizational direction, annual plans, goals and any trade secrets.  Advisors, Board Members, Trustees, Leadership Consultants, Expansion Directors, Chapter Leaders, Program Leaders and Ambassadors are exposed to confidential information at CAAPS meetings, through emails and/or phone calls.  This document is a legally binding contract that requires all parties to keep confidentiality during and after their time as volunteers or staff at CAAPS.

CAAPS welcomes you as a volunteer to help provide resources and opportunities for businesses and the community to succeed.  You are a catalyst to regional and statewide economic vitality, a key role in making CAAPS and its Chapters and Programs successful.  Accepting this role will empower you to be a professional and a leader in the community.  And by accepting this role, you also agree to follow the CAAPS Constitution, Bylaws, Standards, Policies and Procedures.  If at any time you feel this is no longer a position you desire to continue, please give the CAAPS HQ a 2-week notice so we can find a replacement.

Advisors, Board Members, Trustees, Leadership Consultants, Expansion Directors, Chapter Leaders, Program Leaders and Ambassadors combined will be referred to as the “CAAPS Volunteers”.  The CAAPS Volunteers will not receive compensation of any kind for their position.  We believe that in giving, you will receive tenfold in return for your professional and business development.  The CAAPS Volunteers will receive training and materials for their position and mandated to attend an annual Leadership Retreat.  In addition, each position is required to attend between 4-6 meetings per year, based on the program you volunteered for.

The CAAPS Volunteers understand that their position may be terminated at any time by the President & CEO or the Executive Committee, with or without cause.  The CAAPS Volunteers understand that they are not an agent, employee, spokesperson or representative of CAAPS in a legal capacity.  The CAAPS Volunteers cannot speak for or sign contracts on behalf of the CAAPS organization.  Only the Executive Committee can represent CAAPS to address the public to speak and sign contracts/documents on behalf of the organization.

This contract is effective for ONE calendar year from the start date, unless otherwise terminated early.  The CAAPS President & CEO or Executive Committee may extend the contract beyond the contract period.  For questions, contact the CAAPS Headquarters at PO Box 292481, Sacramento, CA 95829 or email to

Non-Compete Clause: The CAAPS VOLUNTEERS have access to confidential information of CAAPS and our partners.  By signing this agreement, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

·       I agree not to engage in activities outside of CAAPS that directly or indirectly competes with the CAAPS Organization’s Mission, Goals, Programs and Events

·       I agree not to participate in activities that will lead to the breaking of the CAAPS Organization and Chapters into a different group

·       I agree not to solicit or recruit any of CAAPS’ Dignitaries, Sponsors, Partners, Employees, Consultants, Vendors, Volunteers, Members or Contacts for any other cause or organization/group

·       I agree not to recruit any CAAPS members, affiliates and contacts to other networking groups or professional associations

·       I agree not to start, assist in starting or take employment with any competing group or organization

·       Please allow a 6-month wait period after your volunteer time ends at CAAPS

·       I agree no to use any CAAPS registration or membership list of contacts for personal or other use

·       After ending my volunteer here at CAAPS, I agree not to use CAAPS’ confidential information and trade secrets to assist in or start a new networking organization [professional association – defined by the IRS as a 501(c)(6)].  This includes, but is not limited to, starting by a business with similar business model as the CAAPS Organization.

This Non-Compete Clause is enforced to the fullest extent possible pursuant to any State and Federal Law.

Non-Disclosure: The CAAPS Volunteers understand and acknowledge that they will have access to contacts, sponsors, vendors, dignitaries, confidential information, proprietary documents, trade secrets and important data relating to CAAPS that is in tangible or intangible form.  These documents and/or information are classified as “Confidential” and cannot be shared to anyone outside the CAAPS organization, including but not limited to previous volunteers, consultants and employees of CAAPS.

The CAAPS Volunteers agree not to share any Confidential Information of CAAPS, in part or whole, to any person or entity, including but not limited to: business plans, processes, practices, methods, policies, publications, drawings, sketches, documents, forms, strategies, techniques, agreements, contracts, data, researched data, contracts, MOUs, manuals, databases, contacts, registration lists, contact lists, vendors, vendor lists, records, personnel information, internal processes and procedures, models, unpublished patents and copyrights, member information and lists, distributors, sponsors and sponsorship lists, existing and prospective plans for expansions, investors or any third party and partners.

Non-Disparagement: The CAAPS Volunteers agree not to publish or communicate to any person or entity, in public or in private forums, any defamatory or disparaging remarks about CAAPS’ operations, processes, procedures, employees, officers, board members, volunteers, partners and/or affiliates.  Any complaints should be directed to the CAAPS Headquarters or Executive Committee.

Remedies: The CAAPS Volunteers understand and acknowledge that if any of the above terms and conditions are breached by any individual, the CAAPS Organization may seek legal remedy and monetary damages, including attorney fees and any costs associated to such breach.

CAAPS Properties: The CAAPS Volunteers understand and acknowledge that everything produced, created or provided to them during their volunteer term at CAAPS are the sole property of CAAPS, including but not limited to all physical, digital and intellectual properties.  The CAAPS Volunteers agree to return any and all physical, digital and intellectual properties of CAAPS upon departure of their position.  Additionally, the CAAPS Volunteers agree not to destroy any property in their care or position during and after their volunteer term at CAAPS, including but not limited to emails, documents, applications, forms, payments, receipts, audio, video, images, software and hardware.

Model Release: The CAAPS Volunteers grant CAAPS, its officers, employees, contractors and assignees permission to use their photo, video and audio either separately or together, either wholly or in part, the perpetual and  irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish the video, audio and photographs of them, or where they may be included for editorial trade, product advertising and such other fashion/business purpose in any manner and medium during and after their volunteer term at CAAPS.  CAAPS agree to use the video, audio and photographs in a professional manner.

Get Involved Online

Volunteer at Events


Be a Part of Making a Change

CAAPS is a business incubator, focusing on providing critical resources that help businesses become successful.  CAAPS and the CAAPS Foundation is operated by all volunteers.  Our vision is to inject all the resources and funding available into our programs and events to advance the CAAPS Membership.  Volunteering is the best way to meet dedicated membership of CAAPS, as well as exclusive opportunities that are only available to our volunteers, including: board meetings, invitations-only events at CAAPS & our partners, opportunity to represent CAAPS on various boards & committees, opportunity for leadership & growth, and personal & professional development.

What is Getting Involved Online?

CAAPS is a professional network that leverages off media and technology trends to bring the business community together.  Getting involved online includes: writing about the resources available for businesses and professionals, review products and services that advance the business community, sharing your professional insight on our forum, share your experience with other businesses & restaurants, on-boarding members & businesses into our local business directory, and much more.

Get Involved

Join Any Committee!

Events Committee

6-12 Meetings per Year

The Events Committee meet between 6-12 meetings a year to plan, organize and execute CAAPS Events throughout the year.  This is the best committee to work with business owners.



4-6 Meetings per Year

The Ambassador Committee meets 4-6 times a year to plan for the year.  Ambassadors help CAAPS at events and outreach to share information about CAAPS Membership.


Sponsorship Committee

4 Meetings per Year

The Sponsorship Committee meets four times a year to coordinate collaboration with CAAPS Parters and Sponsors.  This committee works closely with Programs and Events.


Program Committee

4-6 Meetings per Year

The Programs Committee meets about four times a year to plan professional development, leadership development, trainings and workshops for CAAPS Members & Volunteers.


Board Membership

6-12 Meetings per Year

This is the most rewarding volunteer position of all.  Board Members create the vision and plan for CAAPS annually, as well as oversee all of CAAPS Programs and Events.


TIDE Council & Committee

6-12 Meetings per Year

CAAPS’ newest program: Technology, Innovation, Developers, & Entrepreneur Council & Committee.  This committee focuses on incubating small businesses and startups.


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